Building habits that aren’t difficult to implement are crucial to ensuring they’re habits we can stick with. That’s true for adults as well as children.

That’s why Scope’s new “Squeez” is an exciting move. It’s a mouthwash concentrate, meaning it saves 70% of the packaging size of full-size mouthwash bottles. You simply add a little water into included cup, and squeeze a small amount of the mouthwash into it, and use.

It’s perfect for a backpack, easy to bring on all the day’s adventures. Because of the concentrated formula, it’s good for roughly 50 uses, and is equivalent to a 500 ml bottle of mouthwash in a much smaller form.

Much like that saying that the best camera for the job is the one you have with you, mouthwash isn’t helpful to us if we don’t have it with us or can’t work it into our day.