Whether you’re bringing your child to the dentist for the very first time or are looking for a new dental home, Burlington families are best served to start with a cleaning.

The cleaning is accompanied by an exam, which gives the dentist the opportunity to check the growth of new teeth and overall oral development, make recommendations, and create a thorough file to use for the next visit.

While you can certainly transfer your child’s file from a previous dentist, most healthcare professionals still prefer to see things firsthand, particularly if it’s been awhile since your child’s last dental visit.

The Aim of the First Burlington Dental Cleaning

The first dental cleaning is very much about setting the tone for how your child views going to the dentist. We want the experience to be as positive as possible, and that’s part of the training for a pediatric dental team.

Your child will get to know the hygienist and see a tour of the office, and once they are comfortable, we’ll do a simple exam and see how the first teeth are coming in.

Generally patients start coming to see us at 1 year, or whenever their first teeth start growing in.