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Pediatric Dental Cleanings

Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Care

Dental cleanings are the cornerstone of good oral hygiene for kids of all ages. Not only do these visits allow hygienists to remove plaque and help keep teeth healthy, but it’s an opportunity for the dentist to examine everything and teach your child healthy habits for home.

We are happy to answer any questions parents have along the way, and will include parents in conversations about those healthy habits. After all, children taking care of their teeth is easiest if those habits are reinforced between visits.

In particular, we’ll help your child learn the right ways to floss, brush all teeth properly, and think about the foods they eat in relation to their brushing habits. That’s the cornerstone of great pediatric dentistry.

We recommend a dental cleaning visit twice per year so we can keep those teeth plaque-free and stay connected to your child’s development.

What to expect at a cleaning visit:

We’ll begin the dental visit by having you and your child meet the dental team member, show you around the office, and take a few minutes to get to know you. We’ll explain the details of the visit so you’ll know what to expect, and when you’re comfortable we’ll begin polishing your child’s teeth with a special electric brush.

For older children we may use a scaler to remove plaque buildup.

After the cleaning is complete we can also apply a fluoride treatment to help protect baby teeth and permanent teeth from sugars and acidity. That goes a long way toward preventing tooth decay.

We also recommend dental sealants as part of one of your child’s early visits. Sealants are painless and quick to apply, and provide lasting protection for the teeth that extend beyond typical fluoride treatment.

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Dental Care FAQ

What is the proper way to floss?

Begin with a strip of floss roughly 18 inches long, looping it around both index fingers (or middle fingers). Begin by gently sliding the floss between each tooth to the gum line, and then upward and away from the gums. To remove more plaque, kids can also rub the floss gently up and down against the sides of the teeth while coming up and out.

How do mouth guards help preserve healthy smiles?

Whether the mouth guard is pre-made or custom made to conform perfectly to your child’s teeth, the idea is to create a barrier to protect teeth and gums from damage. The most common use case for mouth guards are sports activities. In the event of a collision or other form of impact, a mouth guard helps to spread out the force across a wider area, reducing the damage and the odds teeth will be knocked loose or the gums will be lacerated.

How do dental sealants work?

For more information, view our page on sealants. In a nutshell, though, sealants are a protective layer applied to teeth. Sealants begin as a liquid and are painted onto teeth, and then hardened with a special light. The sealants perfectly conform to the shapes and grooves of the teeth, protecting the teeth from acidic foods, tartar, and other build up that can erode tooth enamel. We recommend dental sealants for most children, and can apply them during a cleaning appointment.