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5 steps in a dental emergency

Guide for parents with children with high sensory needs

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Pediatric Dental Services

We understand how important it is that your child finds a dental home early on, and our offices were designed with an inviting atmosphere in mind.

We want your child’s first dental experience to be warm and fun, just as we strive to make parents comfortable with our team’s expertise. You’ll notice our kid-friendly aesthetic right away when you enter the office — with play areas highlighted by our mascot.

Our staff loves children, and we’re excited to meet your family and be a part of their good habits that last a lifetime!

Pediatric dental services we offer:

We can also add space maintainers if baby teeth need to be extracted to help ensure there’s enough room for the adult teeth to come in afterward. If the tooth comes out earlier than it was originally going to, sometimes its absence can cause the surrounding teeth to move closer together to fill the space.

That can create challenges when the adult tooth is ready to come in, and these space maintainers help prevent that.

An Experienced Staff With Solutions For All Pediatric Dental Needs

We love to begin the relationship with patients early on to help set habits that keep smiles healthy.

In the event of accidents, collisions, or advanced wear on teeth, our office is also equipped for anterior repair of the front teeth. These restorative treatments alleviate pain, protect the teeth from further damage, and give the affected teeth back their healthy look.

It is important to note that in many cases restoring a broken tooth means the tooth won’t be quite as strong as it originally was. So while anterior repair solves a lot of immediate problems, care must be taken for the affected teeth from then on to prevent further damage.