Our Story

An ultimate example of a dream that became reality occurred when Dr. Roslyn Moore Crisp opened her office to practice dentistry for children in November, 1984. This office was located in the basement of a building on Vaughn Road.

Nonetheless, the practice was above ground and even close to the clouds (with enthusiasm and excitement). This was just the opportunity that Dr. Crisp dreamed of.

It was the perfect combination of her love for dentistry and the chance to make a difference in her hometown of Burlington, North Carolina. The practice grew rapidly thanks to family and friends. By 1987, it was clear that more space was needed.

While expecting her first child, Dr. Crisp and her dad moved forward to build a free-standing building that resembled a house on a hill. This “house” rapidly became the dental home for many children, each of which had a special place in her heart. By the year 2000, it became apparent that Dr. Crisp needed help in her practice.

Without a doubt, there is something about being in the right place at the right time. She met her present-day dental partner, Dr. Gayla R. Bivens while Dr. Bivens was still a dental student at UNC school of dentistry.

They immediately realized their dental and life philosophies were in sync. Dr. Bivens joined the practice shortly after graduation, and can be proud of her personal training and outstanding expertise in pediatric dentistry.

In 2008, despite the recession, the practice continued to grow. This was due in great part Dr. Crisp’s desire to make dental treatment easily accessible and convenient for parents. Because her philosophy has always been that “every child deserves a health smile,” by having multiple locations, the practice eliminated the inconvenience of travel and time for parents.

Experience in dentistry makes us different. Within our practice, the doctors have a combined total of nearly 70 years of experience in dentistry. We are proud of our dental team, whose talents and training are second to none.

Our team members share over 100 years of dental experience. They too love dentistry and being a part of a team who certainly strive to make a difference in our profession and our community.

Realizing that we have a chance to change the lives of young people in a positive way, our entire dental team is very family-oriented and committed to our community.

We believe in sharing dental love by increasing good oral health education and positive experiences through the practice.

We fully believe that every child deserves a healthy smile, which we encourage by demonstrating care, concern and respect for all children and their parents regardless of ethnicity or social or economic differences.

Hustle and heart set us apart and it is truly our mission to “make smiles happen”.

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